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Welcome to Saltpring Propane

Saltspring Propane is a locally owned and operated company, providing Salt Spring Island, Mayne Island, and the rest of the Southern Gulf Islands for over 20 years. Saltspring Propane sells and leases all sizes of propane cylinders and tanks for residential and commercial customers and an auto fill or call in basis. Saltspring Propane is the local dealer for Superior Propane.


Saltspring Propane not only provides you with the propane supply equipment you need, but also gives the reliability, stability, and service your business requires.

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All over Salt Spring you will find Salt Spring Islanders using propane to get things done. To heat homes, cook, heat water, and barbecue food. Propane is a clean, cost effective alternative energy source that more and more Salt Spring Islanders are turning to.

For over 16 years Saltspring Propane has delivered reliable propane supply and service to our customers. We not only offer a comprehensive range of propane solutions for your home, but we deliver them with the kind of local service you might not expect these days.